Project BEAR donates bears to hospitals in the USA free of charge. If you would like to request a box of bears, please use this form.

The bears are 9" and have a t-shirt with our logo. See picture above. 

Requests for a box of bears must include your name, your email and your phone number. You must be a person associated with the hospital or other medical office/center. If we cannot contact you, we will not be able to send you a box of bears. 

We can not offer bears to any organization other than a hospital/medical center or doctor's office directly. If you are a memory box (or similar) organization and would like to offer our bears, please contact the hospital or individuals you work with and have them contact us directly to request bears. 

We also accept donations in any amount from anyone who would like to donate. You can use one of the links below to make donations, or go to our Support Page for more options. 

Donate $10
Donate $20
*Please note - We send 20 bears at a time, but will replenish when needed. Simply fill this form out again when you need more. Please allow 4-8 weeks. 
Name of Contact
Hospital Name
Phone Number
Partnership Options
Donate $10
Donate $20
Residential/Home Address
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