I am a social worker at a hospital covering the labor/delivery mother/baby units. One month ago I experienced a fetal demise and found your organization. I ordered a bear for myself and then a shipment for the hospital. Returning to work, I chose not to see moms experiencing fetal demise until I had enough time to grieve and heal. Today, I felt ready. A young mom delivered her son at 37 weeks and he died as soon as the umbilical cord was cut. After reviewing the case and saying a prayer, I prepared to walk in the room. Just then, a co worker called my work cell to inform me I had a package. I told her I didn't have time to come get it and asked that she open it. "It's teddy bears!" she exclaimed and I knew right away it was from project bear. I was able to run and grab one to give the young mom during our grief session. It was such divine timing, a true testament to you and your sons. You brought comfort to a grieving mother today- actually two grieving mothers. I was so inspired that the day I chose to return to helping mothers who have lost their baby after having my own loss is the day the bears arrived. God is real. It was beautiful. God bless you.

Wow, I've received my bear and it is gorgeous, thank you so much, really kind of you.

Got my bear today. Thank you so much!! I love it. I cried when I saw it. It will make a wonderful addition to our memory box. 

I received my bear today. Thank you so much! It feels good to hold something that represents my losses. Everytime I miss them, I will hug this bear! 

We would like to send out a heartfelt THANK YOU to Project B.E.A.R. for generously donating bears for our Bereavement Care Packages. Thanks for helping us make a difference!

I received my bears in the mail today! THANK YOU SO MUCH! They will be wonderful additions to the memory boxes. 

Today when I got home there was a huge box on my bed and inside were the bears!!!!! They are absolutely adorable and just the right size.

I had two in memory of my lost six children. My son saw them and asked if he could have one so he could remember his brothers and sister. I happily gave him one, so glad that he had something to honor and remember them. Thanks.

We lost our precious princess and my nurse gave me one of your bears after I gave birth to her. When my 2 yr old son asked about his sister we told him that she left him the bear before becoming an angel in heaven. He sleeps with his bear every single day. Thank you so much!

​Thank you so much for my bear. I love it. My Joshua will be with me forever.

I want to thank you so much for sending out these bears. I requested one to help close my grieving process for my 3 angel babies and when I got it, I felt a sense of joy that I had never felt before. A happiness knowing that I am not alone and that someone I don't know personally would do this for my family with no cost to us. It is a beautiful bear and we will always treasure it! Thank you so much. I happened to get it in the mail on Christmas Eve and it made it 10 times more special! Thank you. What a blessing. 

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